HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

Recently, more and more companies are outsourcing non-core activities of the company, as the mentioned process is reducing costs and risks, also it is the best way to increase the efficiency of business.

That is why, we offer to the companies full or partial outsourcing of HR processes and services according to their needs and requirements.

In case of full outsourcing, we take responsibility to the complete management of HR processes and services. This service is mostly used by newly established companies (Startups), as well as by small and medium businesses, because for them, in regard of the cost and the outcome, it is more beneficial to transfer the processes to the external contractor, rather than hire the HR manager.

In case of partial outsourcing we analyze and agree with our clients which process is reasonable to be transferred to us, and which - not. This service allows to HR managers of the company to release from the  administrative issues and spend more time on strategic human resource management.

Our outsourcing offers:

  • Recruitment;
  • Staff Administration;
  • Payroll (management / administration of employee salaries and other payments);
  • Management / Administration of compensation and benefits;
  • Staff Evaluation;
  • Staff Development;
  • HR Reporting.

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